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  3. This is the name of the event or competition.
    The staff member that takes care of it.
    Dates the article is posted.

    - Habboon Happenings -
    tree - Monday GMT
    - COTW (Casino Of The Week) - MOD-Trap- Wednesday GMT
    - ROTW (Room Of The Week) - MOD-Adrian- Thursday GMT
    - WTF(riday) - MOD-Sabrina - Friday GMT
    - GOTW (Gamer Of The Week) - Relivid - Saturday GMT
    - SOTW (Story Of The Week) - Moll - Sunday GMT
    - HOTM (Homeroom Of The Month) - MOD-Adrian - Every Month on the 1st

    Please speak to the Staff member in charge of the event if you have any inquiries.
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Thread Status:
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