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    Sledmore doesn't have much time on his hands so he hasn't gotten around to creating the thread for the latest update. Seeing as I do have spare time i'll quickly list what he's added/changed or updated for us Habbooner's!

    [Sunday, 1 February 2015]

    Change log:
    - Updated to latest Habbo revision (RELEASE63-201501291235-416156423)
    - Adjusted room wall height values (some items will need adjusting).
    - Added some more Achievements.
    - Fixed an issue w/ the AchievementsComposer & AchievementProgressedComposer where the progress bar would be off scale or not moving at all. (A final fix still requires one more reboot).
    - Added a command to update the figuredata.xml cache for the Anti-Mutant.
    - Changed how room users are added to a collection for various tasks.
    - Changed how rooms unload (unload even faster now).
    - Changed how the buffer works for receiving data (mainly for FPE but this will weork wonders elsewhere too).
    - Adjusted limits on the FPE.
    - Re-worked the language locale system.
    - Event categories are now separate to main flat categories.
    - Fixed an issue where promoted rooms wouldn't remove after their time limit was over.
    - Fixed an issue w/ staff override on trade commands.
    - Organized the values on the GetGuestRoomResultMessageComposer (category, trading settings, room rankings & more) - for possibly adding popular room rankings.
    - No longer have to use a naughty hack for VIP users to have access to certain things.

    Enjoy the new additions/fixes/changes, thanks for the update @Sledmore !
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  7. What was the naughty hack? ;)