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Discussion in 'Requests' started by TwiztidHarleen, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Maybe fix the problems with the floor plan editor?

    There are many times that I am creating a unique room and when I save, it says I put in invalid floor plan and then freezes the game...

    I now, actually do rooms little by little and save often, cause it doesnt -always- do it, just happens with the bigger rooms.

    Its nothing major, but is very saddening cause I enjoy creating and this allows my creative juices to flow in here..I love it.


    I have had this happen multiple times for me, so have a few friends and family that I know personally, that go here and it'd be awesome if it could get fixed?

    Oh and the blocks, not all the builder blocks stack up on each-other and some that do leave a huge gap in between the two building pieces...the only ones that dont leave a gap are the cubes.(that i've tried)
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  4. A lot of people have been requesting this, I don't really know the issue of this or how hard it is to fix something like this but I bet it's not easy. It's been a while since this error I know, eventually it'll get fixed! There's been many duplicate threads about this request but please be patient and try to so what you can with what you have at the moment!