[Gaming] SteelSeries’ new Rival 600 gaming mouse tracks your movements in mid-air

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    SteelSeries’ new mouse, the Rival 600, is designed to eliminate an obvious problem for gamers: keeping track of the cursor in mid-air. Sometimes, when a player lifts their mouse off the mat and places it back down, the cursor can jump and skitter across the screen. The Rival 600 compensates for this with a dual-sensor system and 1-to-1 tracking that keeps tabs on how high the mouse is lifted, making sure the cursor stays in the same place when it’s put back down.

    This isn’t a new feature for gaming mice, but it is a nice addition for the Rival range. As well as this tracking system (which SteelSeries has branded “TrueMove 3+”), the Rival 600 also has customizable interior weights, which users can add or remove to get the desired...

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