[Gaming] The Nintendo Switch kickstand is still bad

Discussion in 'News Feed' started by TheVerge, Nov 5, 2017.

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    I bought a Nintendo Switch last week to play Super Mario Odyssey. I'm loving the game. I'm loving the Switch. But there's one thing I can't fully grasp with the device and how it made it through product testing: the kickstand.

    Why is it so bad?

    My boyfriend and I have been sharing the Switch, more or less, since I got it. We play together in bed and prop it up while we hold the controllers in our hands. (Lean into the Mario hat-tossing gesture controls. It's worth it.) This setup doesn't work, even though Nintendo markets the device as a versatile, on-the-go gaming solution. Granted, we aren't playing in an ideal situation. Nintendo always shows the Switch on a stable table, and I don't think a laptop on my legs qualifies as such.


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