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    Welcome to the League of Nations,

    First of all before I explain to you beautiful people what the League of Nations is exactly I am going to introduce myself. Just skip to the next paragraph if you dont care, its fine. I am xOrionx, also known as Ben, I am a Habbo and Habboon player who has vast military experience in GOVBAF and even USM. Throughout my adventures withing multiple military's throughout my days I have grown to really love the friendships and familiar faces that come with a well made military/agency. But this is were the problem arises, All the military's I have been are great but certainly do lack in areas like, listening to the personnel and changing things to just in general make it a better experience for everyone. That is exactly what I am trying to do while creating the League of Nations. I am trying to give Habboon a serious but also very enjoyable military experience in which they can go forward and earn experience, medals and overall knowledge of how to act in the desirable manner.

    Ok, so less of me explaining who I am. The League of Nations is military I set up 3 days ago for the above reasons. It is very hard to get a good amount of people to act as leadership and so I can start advancing the making of this military by implementing things like forums and a personnel tracking system. So here is what I need you from you guys. I need players of Habboon who have a small or maybe even a large amount of previous military experience to join the ranks classed as "Leadership". These are the ranks that are open right now.

    italics = "Military Lingo"
    All positions mentioned below are a part of the High Command Board.

    Chief of Staff - CLOSED - xOrionx - Head of all staff, mostly someone just making sure the leadership is operating well. This person will be the main call for big negotiations with other military's.

    Vice Chief of Staff - WilhemStrasse -
    CLOSED - Same duty of the CoS, but just in case if you the CoS is not around, the VCoS will take their place.

    Chief of Defence Staff - RebeccaEdevane -
    CLOSED - This person will be leading over all personnel which are working and not in reserves or leadership.

    Chief of Foreign Communications - OPEN - This person will be in charge of settling foreign disputes with other military's or maybe even discussing alliance with other military's. But I am not sure, it could for sure go into more scenarios but we will just have to wait and see. Head of the FC Career Path.

    Chief of Digital Warfare Joint -
    OPEN - Obviously with running a military on Habbo comes risks, I expect other establishments will try to eliminate competitors. So in order to combat this we're having a career path which deals with these problems, whether that be DOXs, DDOSs or just general cyber threats to us and our military. I am not really knowledgeable about those things so the Chief of this career path will know more about it. He/She will also make very important decisions which maybe change are future for the better or maybe even worse.

    Chief of Training and Development - OPEN - The Chief of this career path with be making sure CoTD runs smoothly and deals with anything that may be wrong at all. CoTD in its most basic premise is in charge of training and hosting civilians who wish to enlist and also host EDS(s) (Experience Distribution Sessions) in order to give personnel the knowledge to do more things within HQ an out and about.

    *Please note this is not all the leadership positions I will be needing, I am expecting to get reccomendations from fellow personnel who think I should change or add somethings, for example, I am thinking about maybe adding a career path in charge of personnel punishment.*

    Few other things I want to address, I have a metric f**k ton of other things I want to talk about... Here is a quick list of those things so if people want to ask questions about them be my guest.

    Personnel Tracking System
    Career Path in charge of personnel administration and punishment
    Career Path in charge of media within the military (newsletters and
    ceremony's e.t.c)

    Professional logo's being made based off the ones we have in our group badge.

    I can not emphasis enough, if you have any questions please dont dismiss this military straight away. Ask me said question I will answer right away. I will be checking this thread regularly. Please also reply to this thread if you're interested in enrolling.

    Welcome to The League of Nations.
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  6. Not many militaries at Habboon but good luck.