Notable & Recent Changes - 13/10/2016

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  3. Hey guys, just a small change log of what's happened over the past week or so.

    Staff Changes

    • @Kay & @Mauvros have been dismissed due to inactivity. We thank them for their time.
    • @Boss, @Bren @Mitch & @Wouto are now Boonforums owners, with @Adrian as our forum manager.
    • More Habboon staff have been given forum section moderator to assist with their respected section.

    Style Change

    • We've changed the styling of the forums to fit a new theme called "Baisik" as the old one was fairly bland and ugly.
    • We have also changed the colours of some ranks, and updated their user banners to match.

    Forum Changes

    • The only notable forum section change, was that I changed the gaming section around to be based on consoles rather than games, and added an archive section to house these.
    • We've reintroduced raffles, and will be hosting them weekly!

    Thanks, Boonforums Management.
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