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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tyler, Mar 24, 2014.

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  3. Hello everyone!

    I'd like to clear things up with people getting banned because of "Mass Account Creating" on Habboon. Many people have been confused as to why they're being banned, and think it's unfair. So I'm making this post to let everyone know what "Mass Account Creating" is and the specifics of it so people aren't freaking out if they get in trouble.

    What is "Mass Account Creating?"
    Mass Account Creating is when you own more accounts than the limit per IP which is 5. With this limit in place, this means you're allowed up to 5 accounts per your IP. We are an open hotel meaning we allow you to have different account names as you may not like one of them so you'd just rather play on another.

    How can I get banned from this?
    The main reason people have been getting banned is because they're using it for credit or ducket boosting, which is against the Habboon Way. Another reason people are doing this is to mass buy LTD's, which is also another rule you're breaking from the Habboon Way. We want everyone to have a fair and somewhat challenge in making credits and earning your furniture. Cheating your way through things is not only unfair, but will also get you banned.

    I have more than 5 accounts, what will happen?
    Some of you may have already had more than 5 accounts before this rule was in place. However, this does not mean you can play on those accounts. If your accounts have a last login time recent to the day your IP has been looked up, you'll be banned. If your accounts last login time wasn't recent (e.g. 30 days ago or 2 months ago), then you're fine. This doesn't give you the opportunity to play on those accounts.

    One last thing, people are making their other accounts aside from their first 5, via VPN or changing their IP address. This is against the rules and you will be banned. We highly advise you to just play on one account or your siblings on their own account, if you want to avoid any possible issues in the future. Also, if you're caught using one of your created accounts to avoid a ban, you will be re-banned with your time extended.

    Please be fair and don't break the rules, and you'll be fine! :)

    Questions or better clarification? Feel free to PM me.
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