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  3. Despite all the shady shit going on around the world, didn't think I'd seen a thread like this before but mods, correct me if im wrong, let's lighten some shit up, eh nai?

    Post something about a particular outcome or event that really brightened your day somehow. However small and petty you think it could be, if it made you feel great about yourself, share it ;)

    Was tryna close shop. Customers kept coming. Told this old man and his wife to fuck off cus im closed (lol), and he gave me the pensioner equivalent of puppy dog eyes and said "you're closed just for us :("

    Man he melted my soul and I served him anything he wanted as the last customer. Didn't do it for any reason but empathy, but the guy actually wrote a 2 page long amazing review about me to the company I work for lol.
    Just to emphasise what this guy wrote about me, I've attached a picture of this thing.

    pce & love. hope to hear happy times
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  6. to be honest im going back quite a bit, but this is post 1000 for me so a nice one seems well.

    valentines day 2015 and i was with my ex and i decided to and grab her gifts and a card etc, but in the shop there was an old lady, probably late 70s/early 80s who was looking for a card for her husband. she couldnt reach so i got it for her, to which she sadly explained that she wasnt able to afford the card as she only had a very small amount of change. proceeding on she then explained how her husband has recently had a stroke and is in hospital recovering, and this will be the first time since their marriage theyve not spent valentines day together. she pulled at my heart strings, so i decided to get her the card that she wanted and also a small teddy bear just as a gift for the husband.

    wasnt anything massive, but the fact that i saw her smile was definitely worth it, and the fact i had to get two girls a valentines card one year made me a pimp too.