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  3. Hello , but first i am sorry to say to who is reading this .
    I got problem that i did not expect .
    My Credit is Missing
    I seriously don't make a joke . I about to cry. Sunday, October 29, 2017 (about 0200 Malaysia) . Habboon did the reset. I was so unlucky because I was Sold my all rares that day. And the more unlucky my credits of sold rare is missing because of your reset mode . Please staff help me to get it back . I seriously poor with this reset cause . How to get my credits back . i sold my rare about 70 suitcase and it is not a small amount . Seriously , please get my credits back :( . I already lost my rare because i sold it . and I lost my credits too . why ?! For your information , i shocked when i check the commands :stats and its gone . My money going back into 4818(my credits before).
    I collected it for a long time . and this is happen .

    Please , Please , Please Help me .
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