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  3. Hobby room builders! You always wanted to show what a good builder are you? Do you want to show the other Habbos, and compete with other people? Then Builders Live is just the thing for you. With the introduction of Builders at Work 2.0, builders at work will not only change, but Builders also live. With your support and your ideas, builders at work than ever be better and more just. But let us return to the competition. Before you can finally start building, we need to clarify what Builders Live is and what is behind it.

    What is Builders-Live?

    Habbo bild 3Builders Live is a competition created for creative space builders to design the spaces as together with other habbos. The construction competition is a recurring format in which five groups of five people compete against each other and must demonstrate their abilities. Every Sunday there are three rounds of 30 minutes. The topics are adapted to current events and campaigns.

    How will the competition?

    1. Builders lives always on the selected Sundays, this is always announced early in the Hotelnews.
    2. Interested Habbos, can be found in the official Builders Live Launch space, which can be found in the navigator under "Public" and "Builders at work". These must be fast, but the space can only accommodate a limited number of users.
    3. Each round, only 25 people have the opportunity to participate, you should gather quickly before the gates so. Once the 25 Habbos have been accepted in the groups, the construction period will start and you will be with 30 minutes to build a competitive space with your team, which must be built according to a specific topic. The subject is announced early enough in the relevant news article.
    4. Do not worry, you should not make it into the groups. There will be several rounds, so it is worth staying in the starting area.
    4. After the time has elapsed, the participants are kicked out of the groups. Thereafter, the participants' rooms and the option room, which was built by the master builder, will be opened.
    5. A fair, not perishable jury will then evaluate your creations. The winners will be announced in the next days in an extra message.

    Are there rules that I should consider as a participant?

    1. Buildings that violate the general habbo guidelines are reported and the builders are excluded from the competition.
    2. Behavior that violates the habbo guidelines and damages the team, such as trolling, offensive etc. are also reported and the builders are excluded from the competition.
    3. A good team chemistry, as well as a respectful approach within and outside the teams, is a prerequisite for a successful participation.
    4. Every participant is obliged to help the team and to bring their own ideas.
    5. The participants do not have to leave the room and must be in their subscriber area after the time has elapsed.

    Other information

    1. The entry in the start area is blocked until the official start.
    2. In the individual team rooms, there are small platforms on which the pieces of furniture are stored. This area must not be built. Furniture that you do not want to use can be stored there. These are removed after the expiration of the time.
    3. Note that all furniture can use, but there is no compulsion to use anything.
    4. AIDS, such as stacking of stacks or mood lighting, will be available in the room.
    5. All participants of a participant bath given, if they have adhered to the above rules, have been at the end of the time in their room participant and have actively participated. This is controlled by the jury members.
    6. The winners will be given a special, special winners bath.
    7. The old participants and winning pools were replaced by new badges.
    8. Your ideas, suggestions for improvement and criticism can be found in the official questionnaire, which can be found under "Aus" and "Builders at work".

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  6. sounds awesome
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  11. This is awesome, can't wait to see people's building skills! :)
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