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    Hello there, this is the rules and regulations that must be followed by both Fansite owners or anyone associated with the Fansite. You must abide by these rules at all times in any situation otherwise you and the Fansite will face serious consequences. With that said let's hop into the rules.


    1.1: Fansites must base the content on the website for the targeted audience who are the users of Habboon.

    1.2: Social Networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter that are related to the associated Fansite is in no state connected to Habboon, saying that you still must abide by the same rules regarding The Habboon Way when posting messages on these websites.

    1.3: You must not have any hyperlinks on the website that promote exploits, hacking, cheating to Habboon sites or methods to alter within the client.

    1.4: You must not create a domain which is any way similar to any of Habboon's domains.

    1.5: All content visible on your Fan Site must comply to The Habboon Way which can be found here.

    1.6: You are not allowed to have your own forum, BoonBoards must be used for each fansite. All threads related to your fansite can be posted in the fansite section.

    Ownership Publishing and Creation Policy

    2.1: Fansites must not have any sort of User System system attached to the website. This is out of our lead and we are unable to control any details that are sent. It may be possible for Habboon accounts to be accessed without permission due to personal details being sent through the User System.

    2.2: You may not use free fansite templates or steal templates for your own use.

    2.3: We expect you to not use any free website creators such as Free Webs, Weebly, Wix etc. We're more than likely to forget about the fansite if it is created through free website creators.

    2.4: You must not steal any content from existing fansites. This includes logos, content, titles, slogans and images.

    2.5: Drama within existing Fan Sites can and will result in your Official Status to be removed. You are a representative of Habboon and are meant to be role models to the community. Please set good examples to stay out of possible trouble.

    2.6: You must not have any IP logging system on the website. This includes for the owners use, on the panel, on the website or anywhere else possible. This may put users at risk by keeping track of their IP address for your own possible advantage.

    2.7: You may not use any scripts, methods, or tools to track or log personal information of visitors for any reason whatsoever. For this purpose, we must protect our community as much as possible. Fan Sites found to be using any related tools, scripts, or methods will result in immediate Fan Site termination.

    2.8: You are not allowed to have any donation lines associated with the Fansite. All donations are strictly for Habboon only and will continue to be so.

    Hotel Related Regulations

    3.1: Each fansite is only allowed 2 hotel alerts each.

    3.2: Fansites can hold up to 2 official events which are spaced throughout the year, this includes getting a news article created for it.

    Events Regulations

    4.1: The host should ask a fansite admin for permission to ask for an alert.

    4.2: Must host for 45 minutes minimum, any shorter and that host will not be allowed another alert.

    4.3: Must explain the rules of the event so that each user understands how to play.

    4.4: Not allowed to ban any user from the room under any circumstances. You can mute them or call a moderator if need be.

    4.5: Room must be in good shape for the specified event.

    Please be aware that the rules are in progress still and that there may be additional rules to follow.
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