Update Log: 2nd of June - 7th of June.

Discussion in 'Habboon Updates' started by Sledmore, Jun 7, 2014.

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    Fixed bugs:
    • Various trading issues.
    • Some items would not save.
    • Wall items now save again, oops.
    • Group requests fixed. :)
    Overhauled server features:
    • Inventory item handling re-done.
    • Room item handling re-done.
    • Packet processing within rooms.
    • Certain aspects of threading.
    • Achievement scores that previously were set as '0' (on entering a room), will now show the actual score.
    • Improved the moderators experience by fixing some missing features.
    Bugs that could occur:
    • Not being able to walk in rooms - though we've not tested if this is fixed, all the issues that lead to crashing a room, or generally slowing the room process task have been fixed.
    Upcoming overhauled server features:
    • Re-vamped groups (completed right now, however they're in need of testing before going live).
    • Re-vamped messenger (ours lacks several missing "features" that Habbo have).
    • Re-vamped moderation manager. (It's 25% the way there, much better than the current piece of shit, and will allow easier moderation, when complete).
    How has these changes affected Habboon so far?
    Habboon managed to stay online for 2 days and 22 hours (first time in so long, was a real achievement and felt great to say how many hours have been put in lately to re-coding features, and having to think of new techniques).

    There have been less disconnections recorded, and we've proven this by purposely leaving staff accounts online for long duration of hours in busy rooms.

    Currently Habboon has been online for 12 hours and 7 minuets (as of writing this thread), with no errors recorded. :)

    Give me time, I give you excellence. Come the end of all this re-coding I'll ensure that we remain updated and will tackle every missing aspect of the client.

    (FYI, sorry for grammar issues if any, it's currently past my bed time).
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  3. Cammy
  4. standing ovation 4 u sir
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    Fucking great, when Ahmed put the announcement up for the badge fix, I nearly cried lol
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