What is a Warning/Infraction?

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    People have been asking me what "Warnings or Infractions" are. Basically, they're the same thing but are called differently depending who you are. For me, I refer to them as infractions. Anyways, Warnings or Infractions are "points" (if you will) towards your account for breaking the rules here on the forums. Those points will stay intact until they expire, or if you're a repeat offender - they will end up totaling up to enough where you will be automatically banned.

    Ways you can/will receive a Warning or Infraction:
    - Inappropriate Content: This includes pornography (unless it's in the Subscriber Zone), comments or content in reference of sexual innuendos, comments or content in reference to graphic violence, etc. This offense is worth 1 point towards your account.

    - Inappropriate Behavior: This includes being abusive towards other members, harassment, or blatantly acting out of order. This offense is worth 1 point towards your account.

    - Inappropriate Language: This includes abusive conversations and/or comments, overuse of foul language, etc. This offense is worth 1 point towards your account.

    - Inappropriate Advertising/Spam: This includes posting Spam threads in a non-spam section, or just spam threads in general. This also includes Advertising other hotels, websites, and/or external links to harmful websites. This offense is worth 3 points towards your account (Spam) or an immediate permanent ban from the forums (Advertising or Spam).

    - Off-Topic Posting: This includes posting comments on threads that do not have anything to do with the original topic. This offense is worth 1 point towards your account.

    - Engaging In or Fueling an Argument: This includes attempting to or successfully fueling an argument with another member, engaging in an argument, or attempting to engage in one. This offense is worth 1 point towards your account.

    - Post Spam: This includes attempting posting spam posts not related to the topic or entire thread in general, for your beneficial use.. This offense is worth 2 points towards your account.

    - Custom: This includes anything a Moderator or Administrator would like to include in their Warning or Infraction. This offense is worth any amount of points desired towards your account or a desired immediate ban.

    Warning or Infraction Actions:
    - 5 Warnings or Infractions: 3 Day Ban
    - 10 Warnings or Infractions: 2 Week Ban
    - 12 Warnings or Infractions: Permanent Ban

    Forum Rules:
    Click here - http://boonboards.com/index.php?threads/official-boonboards-rules.2/

    Note: You cannot appeal a Warning or Infraction, so do not ask.
    Note: Moderators or Administrators can give a Warning or Infraction at their discretion.

    Thank you for reading and understanding. Questions? Feel free to PM me!
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  4. Add new infraction 'Post Spam' to the list.
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