Why do Apple Music's own curated playlists have songs that no one can play?

Discussion in 'News Feed' started by TheVerge, Aug 1, 2015.

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    There’s no doubt that Apple Music arrived in the world not quite ready for prime time — the UI is far more confusing than I’d have hoped for, there’s a host of weird bugs, and it’s reliant on iTunes for desktop listening. That said, it does a lot of things far better than the competition, as well, most notably the curated playlists. There’s a ton of variety to be found there, with numerous selections under a host of genres and different activities. Spotify has been doing this for a while, and Spotify’s playlists are often fine, but they’re also usually 100 songs long. I’m more a fan of the Apple Music approach — the 15-30 song range feels a lot more digestible to me and makes it easier to find songs that really stick with me.


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