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    There are some useful conditions missing:
    1) WIRED Negative Condition: Has NO furni on
    2) WIRED Negative Condition: User is NOT on team

    There are some broken effects:
    1) WIRED Effect: Bot gives handitem
    This effect is supposed to give the triggering user a handitem no matter where the bot is within the room (the bot could be 50 squares away and blocked off, the effect should still work). However, on the hotel, it only gives a user the handitem if there is a certain square available near the triggering user, otherwise the bot just holds the handitem and the wired stops working.
    2) WIRED Effect: Execute wired stacks
    This works fine, however, if a teleport to furni is on the stack, every other effect in the selected stack is triggered apart from the teleport.
    3) WIRED Effect: Change furni direction
    This also works fine, however, if you leave the room and come back, you have to manually select the boxes again and press ready for them to start working again (if you're using a repeat trigger).
    4) WIRED Effect: Toggle furni state
    This works fine, apart from with timers.
    Normally, when this is set to a timer, it does 2 things:
    - If the timer is at 00:00, it puts the timer back to the original time it was set to (e.g. 30 secs, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min or 10 min) and starts the timer.
    - If the timer is already at a time, it starts the timer.
    5) Leaderboard wired - would be nice if this could be added.

    Thanks :)