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  3. To the users of BoonForums,

    Hi, I am 3lix, the Chief of Staff at the Global Defence Front military. I have seen an excessive lack of those good and realistic militarises through Habboon so I toke it upon myself to create which provides a great role-play experience for everyone involved. Why should you trust me with the 'overall leadership' of this military? Here is a list of reasons, some more impact-full than others;

    - Stayed loyal to BAF for 1 year, got no demotions during that time at all.
    - Had a total of two medals by the end of it, one was the British Empire Medal and the other I am not definitely sure of the name of but I think it was the something Gallantry Medal... you get the point.
    - Served in approx. 4 career paths throughout my career. Media Group, the guards specifically, was my longest venture. Then followed by the Military Police.

    So, yeh, I really hope that cements in your head that I am capable of this if I am being doubted already someone. (If someone from BAF on Habbo is on Habboon then you can ask me for my user name on Habbo in which I got these achievements and I will tell you it happily.)

    Now getting onto the more important stuff.

    I am looking for a well-mannered, well-spoken and professional group of people who meet this criteria to come join leadership and jump start discussions about where and what we are doing with this military in the future, for example, the uniform specifications, help setting up the forums, ADTs (probably going by a different name) and career paths and so forth.

    These requirements listed below are mandatory if you're wishing to apply for the place of leadership;
    - You must be thirteen years of age or older.
    - You must have six months (or preferably more) months of previous military experience and to state what establishment you worked at. More experience generally equals a higher rank along with your position on the the Chief Committee.
    - You will need to pass a basic literacy test because easily communicating is very important on a leadership role.
    - You will 'need' to pass a basic mathematics test. This one is not as important so I might skip it at this point if your image is well-spoken and professional at this point.

    And thats it, I am sorry if you're irritated at some of the requirements I would be too but I had to put these in place so I know I had brilliant and capable people my leadership positions. Please private message me if you have any questions.


    Available positions;

    Chief of Staff - CLOSED - 3lix
    Vice Chief of Staff - OPEN

    [way more career path chief positions open when career path names are settled on]

    - Thank for reading, Chief of Staff 3lix.